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Antaflex, the Batflex's door fly screen fit for all needs

During fine weather we all want to ventilate our homes, perhaps looking for that freshening sweet breeze, while still being shielded from annoying mosquitoes and other flying bugs.

Antaflex is the best solution.

A hinged fly screen fit for doors of any size, manufactured by Batflex and featuring a 35 year experience proof quality. Ideal for verandas, patios and frequent transit large spaces.

The absence of the floor rail and the availability of one or more doors featuring different measures and shapes are the characteristics that make this fly screen unique and a perfect match for everyone's needs.

You only have to choose the right combination. One, two, three or four doors, with non-centered or double crossbeam, out-of-square or ribbed, suitable to fit Bakelite panels. Several accessories are available such as hinges with returning springs or saloon-like hinges.

A little curiosity: with Antaflex also pets will be free to transit without bothering their owners by just installing a moving door in the lower part of the fly screen.


If you are an installer or a hardware store and are interested in access to technical information dedicated to you.

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