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Render Collage

The talent of an artist to transform different elements into an artwork is the foundation of a fixed insect screen that changes form to adapt to the environment. 

Collage (F11) Fixed screens

Collage (F11)

Collage, fixed insect screen, is an easy-to-install product thanks for its wall pins or magnet that lets it be installed on iron grills. It is possibile t make it in different models: porthole, arched, off-square, with central beam, with off-centered beam or without central beam. It is available in different types of nets: grey fibre mesh, black fibre mesh, striped net or anthracite or silver aluminium. 


Tecnical information


Fly screen


Fixed screens



Min width


Maximum recommended size



Frame profile

Frame profile

Colors - Blackout curtains and filtering - Net


  • W/B striped fibreglass mesh
  • Silver aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Tuffscreen, black
  • Fibreglass mesh, grey
  • Fibreglass mesh, black
  • Aluminium elettro black

Filtering nets

  • 351 White
  • 354 White grey
  • 355 Havana white

Blackout nets

  • 500 White
  • 506 Mustard
  • 510 Ivory
  • 526 Grey
  • 530 Black
  • 533 Brown/White (front/back)


  • NH31 Effecta
  • 510 Ezy Cherry
  • Copper hammered
  • DR703 Micaceous iron s.
  • Raffaello Grey
  • Raffaello Brown
  • Raffaello Green
  • Light Renolit
  • Anodized Bronze
  • 9005 Matt Black
  • 6005 Green
  • 8017 Brown
  • 1013 Avory
  • 9010 White
  • Silver


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