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Bilateral Plié

Pliè is 22-mm wide and it is standardly-equipped with a waterproof grey mesh, or coloured, metallic and antipollen nets.

Bilateral Pliè Horizontal opening

Bilateral Pliè

The Bilateral Plié can reach 2,5-meter width and thanks to its special frame lets you pass on both sides. In fact, Bilateral Pliè can be opened both on the left and right, leaving the net frame in the middle. Plié is 22-mm wide and it is standardly-equipped with a waterproof grey mesh, or coloured, metallic and antipollen nets.
The 4mm or 8mm lower guide makes it safe to be used by children and the elderly.
The lower guides are always the same colour as the insect screen

Bilateral Plié

Tecnical information


Fly screen


  • 22mm

Min width

  • 50cm

Maximum recommended size

  • 250x300cm

Data sheet

Bilateral Plié datasheet

Bilateral Plié datasheet


ZPL2210 Handle bar

Handle bar

ZPL22104 Plié 4mm lower guide

Plié 4mm
lower guide


ZPL22108 Plié 8mm lower guide

Plié 8mm
lower guide


ZPLL22102 Plié guide

Plié guide

ZPL22103 Starting/End profile

Starting/End profile

ZPL22105 Magnet-carrying profile

Magnet-carrying profile

Colors - Blackout curtains and filtering - Net


  • Light Renolit
  • 510 Ezy Cherry
  • WH30 Effecta white
  • NH31 Effecta
  • 317/70R Cherry
  • 335/8R Douglas
  • 102/70R Walnut
  • Dark painted Bronze
  • Copper hammered
  • DR703 Micaceous iron s.
  • Raffaello Grey
  • Raffaello Green
  • Raffaello Brown
  • 9005 Matt Black
  • 3003 Red
  • 6005 Green
  • Silver
  • Light dyed Bronze
  • Bronze
  • 8017 Matt Brown
  • 1013 Matt Ivory
  • 9010 Matt White


  • Antipollen, black
  • Fibreglass mesh, grey


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